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All white

In summer i tend to wear a lot of white but i don't think i could handle the all white outfit! I'm so messy that i should maeby just admire others all white outfits. Looks good though.

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Shades of green

I've always loved mint green and this summer i've started to love that (i dont know is there an actual word to that shade) very cold blueish green. Especially love that Carolina Engman's short skirt with the white blouse. It's super simple but the color makes it very interesting. My favorite color-combo for green is deffinitely the first pic's green-white-black leather-brown leather.
Green also pops out from acceccories, bags and shoes. 

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So easy

Shorts + Loose silkshirt + High heels = The perfect outfit?

A sweater lover

I've always been a sweater lover and i especially like those very thin and loose sweaters cuz i think they go with everything! So i decited to do a post about... well, sweaters.

I love the shorts and sweater combo! It's perfect for chilly summer evenings and nights. The shorts and the bare legs make the effect of the sweater lighter. It's kind of summer meets winter or something..

Sweaters also look really good with light maxi skirts. I think that the best sweater and maxi skirt combo is a thin and loose, almost see-through sweater with a loose and light maxi skirt.

I also love sweaters with miniskirts. It's just so simple and cute!

So there was something about sweaters!

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Like the sun

Yellow has never been my color but lately i've seen so much cute outfits with a hint of yellow so i might give it another chance. That cold and quite light yellow is definitely my favorite.

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Cute summer dresses

There's some cute dresses i liked.

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Happy independence day USA!

That pinkish peachish color..

This summer i'm very into all colors eventhough usually i like more those light and earthy colors and black. My favorite color in this summer is definitely that pinkish peachish orangeish color.. i really don't know what it's called :) Especially i love love love that maxi dress with that peace symbol!